• Jeremy Sams
  • The Enchanted Island (2011)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

Pastiche of works by Handel, Vivaldi, Rameau, and others

  • 2(2pic)+2rec.2.0.2/ org)/str
  • SATB chorus (40 voices), 28 Dancers, 6 Supernumeraries
  • 3S, 2Mz, 2Ct, 2T, Bar, B-bar
  • 2 hr 50 min
  • Jeremy Sams after plays of Shakespeare

Programme Note

Devised and written by Jeremy Sams

A new work inspired by the Baroque pastiches of the 18th century, The Enchanted Island features a trove of vocal gems by Handel, Vivaldi, Rameau, and others and a delightful new libretto in English by Jeremy Sams. The Metropolitan Opera's fresh and entertaining celebration of the Baroque has been created by Sams, a noted translator, director, and composer, to showcase the talents of conductor William Christie and a cast of remarkable Baroque singers: David Daniels, Joyce DiDonato, Danielle de Niese, Luca Pisaroni, and Plácido Domingo. The production was directed by Phelim McDermott and associate director/designer Julian Crouch (Satyagraha, Shockheaded Peter, and the Met's 125th Anniversary Gala). The Enchanted Island had its premiere at the Met on New Year's Eve 2011.

The Enchanted Island combines elements of Shakespeare's The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Exiled to a remote island, The Tempest's Prospero seeks to reconcile with his family and ensure his daughter Miranda's future through her marriage to Prince Ferdinand. He promises to grant his sprite servant Ariel his freedom if he can bring Ferdinand's ship to the island. But instead, Ariel shipwrecks the four honeymooning lovers from A Midsummer Night's Dream by mistake, mismatching them romantically with Miranda and Caliban, Prospero's slave. Meanwhile, Caliban schemes with his mother, the disgraced sorceress Sycorax, to regain control of the island, which Prospero seized from her years before. In the end, it is left to the sea god Neptune to intervene and bring Ferdinand's ship to the island, where the young prince delivers the king's pardon to Prospero and falls in love with Miranda on first sight. Prospero must then seek forgiveness from Sycorax so that harmony may reign and all may celebrate a new time of peace and joy.
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World Premiere
   December 31, 2011
   The Metropolitan Opera
   New York, NY

   PROSPERO, David Daniels Countertenor
   SYCORAX, Joyce DiDonato Mezzo Soprano
   ARIEL, Danielle de Niese Soprano
   CALIBAN, Luca Pisaroni Bass-baritone
   MIRANDA, Lisette Oropesa Soprano
   NEPTUNE, Plácido Domingo Tenor
   FERDINAND, Anthony Roth Costanzo Countertenor
   HELENA, Layla Claire Soprano
   HERMIA, Elizabeth DeShong Mezzo Soprano
   DEMETRIUS, Paul Appleby Tenor
   LYSANDER, Elliot Madore Baritone

Creative Team
   Devised and written by: Jeremy Sams
   Conductor: William Christie
   Director: Phelim McDermott
   Associate Director and Set Designer: Julian Crouch
   Costume designer: Kevin Pollard
   Lighting designer: Brian MacDevitt
   Choreographer: Graciela Daniele
   Musical Advisor: Ellen Rosand