Commissioned in 2011 by the Court of the University of Glasgow, under the terms of the McEwen Bequest. First performed 15 October 2011, Concert Hall, University of Glasgow by the Red Note Ensemble.

  • fl(pic).ob(ca).cl(Clarinet in E-flat)/hn/perc/pf
  • 11 min

Programme Note

I took my starting point for Luna from a poem by Ted Hughes called Harvest Moon. The piece is cast in one continuous movement but falls into a number of well- defined sections. As I was working on the piece, I started combining the instruments in small groups.. Although there is much interaction between all members of the ensemble, the instrumental groups became a defining characteristic of the piece. The piano and percussion often form a duo, breaking into somewhat virtuosic solo passages scattered throughout. The flute, oboe and clarinet form a sort of unified trio, sometimes playing a unison line or combining lyrical lines in the slower final section of the work. The horn takes on a distinctly soloist role, with solo passages building to a mini cadenza, which eventually leads the piece into its final section.


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