• Terry Riley
  • Mandala Miniatures (1999)

  • Associated Music Publishers Inc (World)
  • ssx, asx, tsx, barsx
  • 26 min

Programme Note

   1. Fanfare (00:18)

   2. Dead Ants (1:21)

   3. (00:25)

   4. Fog in Frisco (1:21)

   5. Sardophonia (1:11)

   6. Maid in Old Mexico (2:18)

   7. Senor Fast Tracks (2:12)

   8. Onda Verde (2:17)

   9. Circling You (2:34)

   10. Urbanotica (00:27)

   11. Song of the Earth (00:45)

   12. Leonid's Logic Link (1:10)

   13. Korus with Koda (3:42)

   14. Papa Haydn's Music Room (1:46)

   15. Right Turn in Gyor (1:08)

   16. Tea with the Raj (2:45)

Composer Note:
Mandala Miniatures were written on various tours in Europe in 1999 and 2000. My intention was to write each miniature in a different city. I almost accomplished this but some of these pieces wanted to break out of the miniature mold. The first parts were written on a tour with Stefano Scodanibbio who was instrumental in encouraging me to write on tour. The second part of the project was written while touring with my son, Gyan, in Germany and East Europe. Some of the titles relate to events that happened on these trips. In Munich I got out the computer to write and discovered that I had left the dongle which was necessary to use the software in California. Fortunately I was visiting Leonid, the Great Russian jazz pianist who also used Logic, the same notation program I was using. Leonid lent me his dongle and thus was born Leonid's Logic Link, dedicated to him in deep gratitude. Right Turn in Gyor and Papa Haydn's Music Room were inspired by a visit to the Hapsburg Palace. I was greatly moved walking through these rooms where the great Austrian had made his enormous contributions and I felt some kind of transmission about the whole era and its meaning. Gyor is close to the Hapsburg Palace and when we saw the sign I had to get out and take a picture of Gyan in Gyor.

Mandala Miniatures is lovingly dedicated to my wonderful friends, Stanley and Elise Grinstein. It was in their house in Los Angeles that I stayed with Pandit Pran Nath in 1970 on his first visit to the USA and got to experience for the first time his powerful music.

— Terry Riley