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  • 14 min
    • 27th July 2022, Husflidsskolen, Præstø, Denmark
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Programme Note

Traumlieder is a new arrangement, dedicated to Trio con Brio Copenhagen, of my ‘Six Pieces for Horn, Violin and Piano,’ which were originally written in 1984 as a commission from Danish Radio for a concert where Ligeti’s Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano would also receive its Danish premiere.

“The Six Pieces were based on my Studies for Piano. While writing these studies, I tried to ‘conjure up’ instrumental parts inside the piano movement. When creating the trio, I turned to six of the studies and deepened them by ‘screening’ them so that their parts and moods appeared in a clearer way. Furthermore I changed the order of the movements so a new unity appeared, beginning with a steadily hesitating Serenade in slow-motion followed by the Arabesque, which hardly gets started before it stops. Then Blues, a melancholy melody and Marcia funebre, like a fossilized picture with a dramatic, threatening outburst ending with a quiet but majestic melody in the violin and cello, a melody that disappears in the chords of the piano. Before the last movement, For the Children, is a large Scherzo misterioso.”

Hans Abrahamsen