• Helen Grime
  • Nobody Comes (2008)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by NMC Recordings Ltd. for the NMC Songbook in 2009.

  • lowvoc + pf
  • Low Voice
  • 3 min 30 s
  • Thomas Hardy
  • English

Programme Note

Nobody Comes was commissioned by NMC for the NMC Songbook to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2009. It was recorded and released by NMC records with Jean Rigby, mezzo soprano and Huw Watkins, piano and was first performed at in King’s Place in April 2009. The poem, by Thomas Hardy, sets a lonely and somewhat desolate scene. The song opens with a falling gesture, which is to become a recurring feature in the voice and piano. The climax of the piece features large expressive leaps for the voice with clangourous resounding harmony in the piano writing. After an impassioned outburst for solo voice, the piece quickly dies away, ending with an echo of the openings falling fragment.


Nobody Comes


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