• Helen Grime
  • Elegiac Inflections (2005)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the Royal College of Music.

  • 2fl(2pic)2ob(ca)2cl(bcl)2bn(cbn)/2hn
  • 10 min
    • 22nd November 2024, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    • 24th November 2024, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Programme Note

In Elegiac Inflections I wanted to exploit and highlight the different characteristics of the wind ensemble, focusing both on the highly virtuosic and intensely lyrical capacities of the group. The piece is in two movements and both incorporate elements of elegy. This is often represented in explosive and fast changing moods throughout the work.

The first movement is lively and energetic throughout. After a vigorous build-up incorporating the whole ensemble, there is an episode for solo oboes, later with horns, punctuated by a slightly ungainly and unpredictable bass line in the bassoon. After a somewhat chaotic passage with high flute and piccolo, the group comes together for an intense rendition of the earlier oboe solos, increasing in volume and speed to its close.

A melancholic cor anglais solo opens the second movement, gradually leading the way to extensive solos that flow throughout the ensemble. A more animated section, with the flutes as a focus, foretells the much more agitated centre of the movement. Fast and virtuosic solos begin in the depths of the group before everyone is involved in a powerful climax encompassing over five octaves. A final section that refers back to the opening solos ends the piece with gentle, hovering chords.



Grime: Elegiac Inflections: I. Allegro ma non troppo
Grime: Elegiac Inflections: II. Elegiac


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