• Tikhon Khrennikov
  • Hussar's Ballad: Suite from the Ballet (1980)

  • Schirmer Russian Music (USA and Canada only)

Available in the USA and Canada only

  • 45 min

Programme Note

Sections and timings
Overture (1st) 1:20
Shura's Hussar Dress (2nd) 1:00
Ivan teaches Shura to fencing (3rd) 1:20
Azarov and Rzhevsky (4th) 1:00
Rzhevsky and Shura in hussar uniform (5th) 1:00
Shura's performance, Azarov and Rzhevsky (6th) 2:45
Love Awakening (7th) 2:40
Polonaise (arrival of guests) (8th) 2:00
Invitation to dance (9th) 2:30
Mazurka (10th) 2:20
Shura's farewell (11th) 3:40
French troops occupy Russia (12th) 2:00
Arrival of Field Marshal Kutuzov (13th) 1:10
Shura's Variation I (14th) 1:50
Save (15th) 1:50
Foreplay (16th) 1:00
The French camp (17th) 4:00
Shura's appearance in the camp.
Adagio (18th) 3:10
Scene (19th) 2:30
Duet Shura and Rzhevsky (20th) 2:50
Shura's Variation II (21st) 3:10
Marcia (22nd) 1:30


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