• 2222/2100/str
  • Viola, Violin
  • 18 min

Programme Note

Duo Concertante was written for Bradley Creswick, Michael Gerrard and the Northern Sinfonia, who commissioned it. The piece is in one continuous movement, lasting about eighteen minutes, and is essentially a lyric work. The train of thought is shared by the soloists and orchestra; the soloists often lead, but never dominate. They come to the fore through singing lines, characterised with a light and shade that emphasises a livelier, extrovert role for the violin, and gives the viola a darker, more sonorous voice.

The orchestra is often heard in ‘choirs’ – a web of high strings or a trio of brass, for example – which can turn into concertante groups in their own right, or weave their colours together in tutti sections. In the early stages of the piece, ideas are juxtaposed or interleaved so that the musical narrative is disjunct; the music gradually achieves a flowing continuity.

Nicola LeFanu
March 1999