• 0+pic.0.1(bcl, asx).0/0111/timp/pf(cel)/gtr amp(Banjo, man)/vn
  • narrator, TTBarB 4tet
  • Baritone, Bass, Mezzo Soprano, Soprano
  • 1 hr 30 min

Programme Note

Hotel for Criminals is a musical mystery concerning the arch criminal Fantomas and his exploits in the hotel where he and other Parisian criminals live. Early in the story, Fantomas' angelic daughter, Helene, marries his prisoner, Max... In a later scene, Helene is accosted by vampiress/seductress Irma Vep, who encourages her to come and "play." The sexual theme crops up again in Fantomas' "Silver Car Ballad," in which he sings of his own love for Helene.

After many twists of plot, the work draws to a somewhat unsettling and open-ended close. The multiple mysteries in Hotel for Criminals are never really solved—the narrator informs the audience at the end that more adventures at the hotel will be shown in weeks to come.

—Kate Bertrand, The Tartan,