• vn, vc, pf
  • 22 min

Programme Note

October 27 2009
The Lee Trio
Berkeley, CA

Piano Trio No. 1 was commissioned by The Lee Trio and was premiered on October 27, 2009 in Berkeley, California. It is dedicated to the Lee sisters (Angela, Lisa, Melinda) in honor of their maternal grandmother, Shih Kwok-Shing, who celebrated her 100th birthday last year and has been a very important and constant figure in their lives. Each of the three movements is named for one of the sisters, using the Chinese names given to them by their grandmother and prominently features the instrument of the dedicatee. In some way, each movement is intended to reflect the spirit of her name: Lisa Tien-Un (Heavenly Grace), violin; Melinda Tien-Wei (Heavenly Wisdom), piano; and Angela Tien-Yuen (Heavenly Melody), cello