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Programme Note

The drafts are dated 'Feb. 15th 1932' (no. 1), 'Feb. 17th 1932' (no. 2), 'Feb. 20th 1932' (no. 3). The first fair copy, completed on 29 February (diary), (diary) is erroneously dated 'Feb. 17th 1932'. These part-songs were the first of Britten's works to be published. He had originally called them Three Studies in Canon. In 1937 OUP proposed including 1 in The two-part song book in the Clarendon Song Book Series and no 3 in The Modern Song Book (see OUP corr., March 1937)PB failed to trace such publications in the BL


Three 2-Part Songs: No. 3 the Ship of Rio
3 2-Part Songs: No. 1 The Ride-By-Nights
3 2-Part Songs: No. 2 The Rainbow


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