Commissioned by the Scottish International Piano Competition as the test piece for the 2010 competition

  • Piano

Programme Note

There are many different interpretations of this work – there is not one ‘correct’ way
of playing it. It grew out of an idea when the composer was teaching students the
importance of ‘marking up’ their music and showing them how changing dynamics or
tempi can completely alter the character of the music.

There are five snapshots which are preceded by a short introduction; the same motive
forms a link between some of the sections, and at the end a short coda.

There is an obvious parallel with ‘Pictures from an Exhibition’, but here, rather than
walking through a museum to admire the works of art imagine leafing through a
photograph and contemplating old snapshots.

Each performer should make the choice of tempo, dynamics, sound quality (staccato
versus legato), phrasing and pedalling that will describe the nature of these snapshots.

Thea Musgrave


Musgrave: Snapshots


Score sample