Commissioned by the Helsinki Festival

Recipient of the Nordic Music Prize (1988); winner of the International Rostrum of Composers (1986)

  • 4(4pic)+afl.3+ca.3(Ebcl)+bcl.asx.3+cbn/4441/4perc/
  • clarinet (Eb, bcl, dbcl), 2 percussion, piano, cello, conductor, sound control
  • 27 min

Programme Note

Kraft is a piece written for a soloist group and large orchestra in 1983-85. The piece was commisioned by the Helsinki Festival and first performed the 4th of September in 1985 by the Finnish Radio Orchestra and the TOIMII-ensmble under the direction of Esa-Pekka Salonen.

All the musical material of the piece has been prepared with a micro-computer, with programmes written in FORTH allowing a very flexible control of rhythm and chord processes. The programme is based on a formalization of rules for creation of rhythmic events, gestures and temporal processes, and an environment allowing a graphical output for metric notation. Similar rule-based programmes control the creation of harmonic material by a comparison to previously defined and accepted chordal successions given by the composer.

The control of amplification and spatialization of the soloists during the performance is done with an application written in PreFORM and running on a Macintosh computer allowing a precise control of movement in the hall in real time.


Kraft: I. —
Kraft: II. —


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