• André Previn
  • Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1976)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Chester Music NY Inc (World)
  • 3(pic)3(ca)3(Ebcl,bcl)3(cbn)/5331/timp.4perc/hp.org/actor's triangle/Sacha's voice/str
  • 6 actors
  • 58 min
  • Tom Stoppard
  • English

Programme Note

Acting and music are inseparably combined in this work, which concerns two inmates of a Soviet mental hospital: one a sane political dissident, the other a man whose fantasy is that he possesses a symphony orchestra. They both report regularly to a doctor, who is himself a member of an orchestra and who steps down from time to time to join the imaginary orchestra – clearly visible to the audience – which surrounds the inmates’ cell. The play blends fantasy and reality throughout.


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