• Juliana Hodkinson
  • sagte er, dachte ich (1999)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • fl.cl.perc.pf.gtr.va.vc
  • 10 min

Programme Note

Sagte er, dachte ich was written for Ensemble 2000, who first performed it at the Suså festival, Denmark, on 21st August 1999. Ensemble 2000 also gave the first performance of the revised version at Musikhøst festival, Odense, DK, on 12th November 1999.

The treatment of a few melancholic or sentimental chord shifts in the four sections of this piece follows deliberately in the footsteps of Thomas Bernhard’s writing in works such as Der Untergeher. Voluntarily and involuntarily remembered moments are analysed by a memory that is haunted by bits and pieces from the past, and the greater the attempt to iterate these fragments, the more reduced and concentrated they become. In the four sections of this piece, snippets of chord progressions are replayed iteratively, resulting in moments of near spasm between their vertical and horizontal relations.