Written for the Endymion Ensemble's 'Sound Census' project, in celebration of their 30th birthday.

  • bfl.bcl/tpt/pf/va.vc
  • 4 min

Programme Note

As the title explains, this piece is scored for a mixed instrumental sextet that divides into two trios of Bass Flute, Trumpet and Viola, and Bass Clarinet, Piano and Cello. The two groups are spatially separated, each with its own tempo and unfolding musical character. The structural continuity is created out of the juxtaposition of the two trios and it is only at the last three bars of the piece that the two ensembles eventually combine into an harmonic union! "Two trios" was written for the wonderful players of the Endymion Ensemble, many who I have known and worked with for many years. Happy thirtieth birthday!

Simon Bainbridge 2009


Simon Bainbridge: Two Trios


Score sample