• Simon Holt
  • disparate dos (2009)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

This work was written for Endymion's 'Sound Census' project, in celebration of their 30th birthday.

  • pic.hn.tpt.hp.db
  • oboe
  • 6 min

Programme Note

Disparate can either be pronounced as in the English, which means 'utterly different or distinct in kind'; there are 2 very different kinds of material involved in the piece. Or it can be pronounced as in the Spanish where it means a foolish remark or an architectural folly. At the end of Goya's life he produced some very haunting etchings called the 'Disparates' or 'Follies', which have a decidedly dream-like/nightmarish quality.
For 'disparate dos' I have added Piccolo, Horn, Trumpet in Bb, Harp and Bass to the solo piece, 'disparate' for oboe. The added instruments act as spectres around the original, of which very little if anything has been altered. The piece lasts around 7 minutes.

Simon Holt


Holt: Disparate dos


Score Sample