• pf[kbd], [optional instruments]
  • unison voices
  • 23 min

Programme Note

Caesar has called a census in the Holy Land. So everyone is crowding back into Bethlehem, a town where they read Shalom! magazine, where suddenly there are donkey traffic gridlocks and hotels where you can’t get a room for love or shekels.

Tom works doing odd jobs at the Fun Big Inn, which isn’t much fun at all. This busy night, he decides to leave the landlord in the lurch and heads for the bright lights of Jerusalem. But he doesn’t get far, running first into reggae-singing shepherds and then these three groovy wise dudes following a star. Tom can hardly ignore the remarkable things they have to tell him. So what does he do next? What would any of us do?

Performance note:

Manager Tom can be performed with unison voices, someone to narrate, highly effective with just piano or keyboard accompaniment. But there are parts available too for instruments that you might want to add. Included with the score of Manger Tom is a CD, which comprises both a full performance of the musical numbers by professional singers and players, as well as just the accompaniments for everyone to sing along to, if they prefer.