• Kevin Volans
  • Trio Concerto (2005)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Co-commissioned by the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and City of Groningen (Netherlands), Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra (Ireland) and the Storioni Trio

Dedicated to Pablo Pascual Cilleruelo

  • 3(pic)33(2bcl)3(cb)/4231/2perc/hp/str
  • Violin, Cello, Piano
  • 20 min

Programme Note

In this piece I decided to raise the bar a little on virtuoso orchestral music. It is a very difficult piece, both for the soloists and the orchestra, demanding great stamina from the players, especially the winds. It is written in three movements. The first and second are about six minutes each. The third is twice the length and develops material from the previous two.

Although I feel the piece is forward looking, I used music I wrote in the 1970s as a starting point for the style. The soloists play almost continuously throughout the piece, mostly as soloists, but sometimes joining in with the orchestra as ensemble players. They begin playing ‘scribbles’, one after another in patterns of three against an orchestral rhythm derived from flamenco – an accent on four and a half beats in a 4/4 bar. As the piece progresses the material of the soloists is re-aligned, becoming, I hope, more ordered and comprehensible.

Kevin Volans


Trio Concerto. 1st Movement
Trio Concerto. 2nd Movement
Trio Concerto. 3rd Movement


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