• Karl Aage Rasmussen
  • Postludier for 23 solo strygere (2007)
    (Postludes for 23 solo strings)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 10vn.5va.5vc.3db
  • 23 min

Programme Note

The piece is an obvious hommage to Richard Strauss and his immortal ā€Metamorphosenā€, inventing and exploiting this unusual ensemble.

The frequent tempo-changes all share a common denominator. Thus they do in fact represent a way of simplifying notation rather than, strictly speaking, a change of tempo.

Now and again walz-like music in quavers occurs slightly displaced from the basic beat-pattern (measures 71ff and 124ff to give but these examples). Here the triple time (strong/weak/weak) should be felt regardless of the basic 3/4 beat.
Certain passages reoccur several times in different tempo. This ideally should affect the interpretation of the music in more ways than just pace.