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Programme Note

Composer note
Terpsichore's Dream, composed in 2007, and scored for a chamber orchestra consisting of 2 flute (2nd doubles piccolo), 1 oboe, 2 clarinet in B-flat (2nd doubles bass clarinet in B-flat), 1 bassoon, 2 horn, 2 trumpet, 1 trombone, 4 percussion, piano (doubling celesta), 2 harps and strings, is dedicated with admiration and gratitude to Cliff Colnot.

The work, of 17-minutes duration, was premiered on October 18, 2007 by the Utah Symphony, Cliff Colnot conducting. I wish to thank the Utah Symphony, in particular, Clovis Lark and Elizabeth Cusato for their vision, effort and kindness in making this project possible.

In Greek mythology, Terpsichore ("delight of dancing") was one of the nine Muses, ruling over dance and the dramatic chorus. She lends her name to the word "terpsichorean" which means "of or relating to dance". She is usually depicted sitting down, holding a lyre, accompanying with her music to the dancers' choirs. She is sometimes said to be the mother of the Sirens by Achelous. Her name comes from the Greek words ("delight") and ("dance").

— Augusta Read Thomas


Terpsichore's Dream for Chamber Orchestra



  • Happy 60th Birthday to Augusta Read Thomas
    • Happy 60th Birthday to Augusta Read Thomas
    • Augusta Read Thomas is one of the U.S.’s most recognizable and beloved composers. In addition to writing music of “unbridled passion and fierce poetry” (American Academy of Arts and Letters), she is University Professor of Composition at the University of Chicago, where she has championed new music through founding the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition and its resident Grossman Ensemble.



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