• Joby Talbot
  • Desolation Wilderness (2006)
    (Trumpet Concerto)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

  • 2(1&2=pic)1+ca.2(2=bcl)2(2=cbn)/2220/timp.3perc/hp/str
  • Trumpet
  • 23 min

Programme Note

In early November 2005 my family & some friends visited the high Sierra Nevada in Northern California. As on former trips to the area I was struck by the strange & disarming contrast between the bright sunshine, perfect blue sky, and warm mountain air of the sierran autumn; and the occasional icy chill ­– sudden drops of temperature when the sun vanished behind the mountains, momentary glimpses through the trees of distant snow clouds over the highest peaks. Nowhere was this dichotomy more apparent than in the vast area of forests, lakes & mountains known as Desolation Wilderness. Here the twisted shapes of the aspens are testament to the destructive power of winter. Sure enough, that night the first snows fell, & the high mountain passes we’d just crossed were closed till spring.

Joby Talbot. October 2006