Opera buffa in one act.
Stephen Oliver

  • fl(pic).cl/cnt.tba/perc/pf(hmn)/vn.2vc (in addition, everyone plays a mouth organ or kazoo)
  • 45 min
  • Stephen Oliver
  • Ludovic Halévy
  • English, French, Italian

Programme Note


The action is set in the Chinese state of Che-I-Nor, whose national anthem is the Ba-Ta-Clan. The Chief of the Imperial Guard, Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko, is conspiring to dethrone the King, Fe- Ni-Han. Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko tells the King that his supporters Fe-An- Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko are in fact traitors and persuades him to order their execution. However, when it turns out that Fe-An-Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko are in fact Parisians, Fe-Ni- Han reveals himself also to be a Frenchman and agrees to spare them. Fe-Ni-Han decides to return to France with Fe- An-Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko and hands his crown to Ko-Ko-Ri- Ko, who in the meantime has admitted that he too is French.