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  • 14 min

Programme Note

i. The Committee Meeting
ii. In the Wood
iii. In the Ballroom
iv. Soliloquy
v. In the Tube at Oxford Circus

Conversations was first performed at the home of Mrs Lee-Matthews in London on 19 January 1921. The first public performance was given at the Aolian Hall on 20 April 1921. The piece is dedicated to the New Instrumental Quintet.


Conversations: No. 1 The Committee Meeting: Moderato
Conversations: No. 2 In the Wood: Adagio
Conversations: No. 3 In the Ballroom: Scherzando
Conversations: No. 4 Soliloquy: Andante tranquillo e molto rubato
Conversations: No. 5 In the Tube at Oxford Circus: Allegro energico