• 1(pic)1(ca)2(bcl)1(cbn)/2110/timp.perc/hp.pf(kbd)/str
  • small chorus (optional)
  • Soprano, Mezzo soprano, Tenor, Baritone
  • 43 min
  • Libretto by the composer, suggested by the short story “Forgot” by Anton Chekhov.
  • English

Programme Note

A mild-mannered man comes to the music shop on an urgent mission – to purchase music for a song that his wife has been requested to sing at the wedding of the prince. Unfortunately, he cannot remember the title or the tune. What ensues are hallucinations of the rage of his Wagnerian soprano wife, his own unhappy fate when he returns empty-handed and a mad scramble through the entire stock of ‘the largest collection of music in all of Russia’ in a desperate attempt to recognise the requested melody in the ill-fated music shop.