• Richard Wagner
  • Tristan und Isolde (Tristan and Isolde) WWV 90 (Schirmer edition) (1865)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translations by Henry Grafton Chapman and Stewart Robb for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.

    • Libretto by the composer. English translations by Henry Grafton Chapman and Stewart Robb.
    • English

    Programme Note

    Cast List:
       TRISTAN: Tenor
       KING MARK: Bass
       ISOLDE: Soprano
       KURVENAL: Baritone
       MELOT: Tenor
       BRANGAENE: Soprano
       A SHEPHERD: Tenor
       A HELMSMAN: Baritone
       Sailors, Knights, Attendants

    Having killed Isolde’s betrothed in a battle, Tristan takes the Irish princess to be King Mark’s wife. Isolde sees death as the only escape from her dishonour and orders her maid Brangäne to prepare poison for her and Tristan. However Brangäne substitutes a love potion which the pair drink and immediately become aware of their feelings. Not long after Isolde’s marriage to King Mark, she and Tristan are discovered together and Tristan is wounded in the ensuing fracas. He retires to his castle in Brittany where he yearns for Isolde constantly. They are eventually reunited but Tristan dies in her arms. Isolde sings of her love which now can only be fulfilled in death and dies herself, of a broken heart.