• Richard Wagner
  • Tannhaeuser WWV 70

  • Breitkopf und Härtel (USA and Canada only)

Available in the USA and Canada only

  • 3(pic).2.2+bcl.2/4331/timp.4perc/hp/str /stage music: 2pic.4.4+ca.6.4/ (hp in stage music: only Paris version)
  • 3 Sopranos, 3 Tenors, Baritone, 3 Basses, 4 children (2 Sopranos, 2 Altos)

Programme Note

In Venusburg, the minstrel Tannhäuser half-heartedly sings songs in praise of Venus, who for over a year has bestowed her love upon him. When he calls upon the Virgin Mary, Venusburg vanishes and he finds himself transported to his former home Wartburg, where the Landgrave Hermann has promised his daughter Elisabeth’s hand to the winner of a competition of love songs. Tannhäuser has long been Elisabeth’s favourite and her feelings remain as strong even when he sings a blasphemous song in praise of Venus. He is banished from Wartburg and sent to Rome to seek absolution from the Pope. He is refused absolution and by the time he returns, Elisabeth has already died of a broken heart.