G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translations by Frederick Jameson, Stewart Robb and Andrew Porter for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.

    • Libretto by the composer. English trans. by Frederick Jameson, Stewart Robb, and Andrew Porter
    • English, German

    Programme Note

    Cast List:
       MIME, a Nibelung dwarf: Tenor
       SIEGFRIED, son of Siegmund and Sieglinde:Tenor
       THE WANDERER (Wotan): Bass-Baritone
       ALBERICH, brother of Mime: Bass
       FAFNER, a giant disguised as a dragon: Bass
       ERDA, goddess of the earth: Contralto
       BRÜNNHILDE, a Valkyrie, daughter of Wotan and Erda: Soprano

    The third opera in Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle. Wotan, disguised as a Wanderer, tells Mime that the sword Nothung, shattered in a battle between Siegmund and Hunding, will be recast by a hero. Mime recognises this hero as the young Siegfried and plans to kill him once the job is done. Siegfried forges the sword and sets off with Mime to kill Fafner who has possession of the Ring. Siegfried burns his finger on Fafner’s blood and after putting it in his mouth to sooth the pain, finds he can understand the language of the birds, who tell him of Mime’s treacherous plot and of the sleeping Brünnhilde. Siegfried kills Mime, takes the Ring and makes his way to the Valkyrie’s rock to penetrate the fire and claim Brünnhilde as his wife.