• Richard Wagner
  • Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) (1869)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translations by Frederick Jameson, Stewart Robb and Andrew Porter for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.

  • 2 hr 10 min
  • Libretto by the composer. English trans. by Frederick Jameson, Stewart Robb, and Andrew Porter
  • English, German
    • 8th January 2025, Opéra Bastille, Paris, France
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Programme Note

Cast List:
   WOGLINDE, Rhinemaiden: Soprano
   WELLGUNDE, Rhinemaiden: Mezzo-Soprano
   FLOSSHILDE, Rhinemaiden: Mezzo-Soprano
   ALBERICH, a Nibelung dwarf: Baritone
   FRICKA, queen of the gods: Mezzo-Soprano
   WOTAN, king of the gods: Baritone
   FREIA, godess of youth and love: Soprano
   FASOLT, giant: Bass
   FAFNER, giant: Bass
   FROH, god of the fields: Tenor
   DONNER, god of thunder: Baritone
   LOGE, god of fire: Tenor
   MIME, Alberich's brother: Tenor
   ERDA, godess of the earth: Contralto

The first opera of Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle. Alberich steals the Rhinegold from the Rhine Maidens, in order to forge himself an all-powerful Ring which will make him master of the world. Wotan tricks Alberich into giving him both the Ring and the Rhinegold, with which he hopes to settle his debts with Fasolt and Fafner who have built Valhalla for the gods. In order to return the Ring to the Rhinemaidens and rid the gods of the curse that has been brought upon them by taking the Ring, Wotan must beget human children. Descending to earth, he fathers Siegmund and Sieglinde, setting the scene for the second chapter in this great tetrology.

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