• 3pic, 3Bbpictpt, 3Ctpt, 4hn, 2tbn, btbn
  • 2 min

Programme Note

Composer's Note:

circle, crown, brotherhood, sisterhood, alliance, chime, peal, echo, reverberate, resound...

grow vigorously, prosper, thrive, blossom, develop, embellish, decorate, fanfare, ornament...

brightness, flame, dazzle, sparkle, shimmer, flash, mark out a path, to be the first to do, invent, or study something, pioneer, spread news, blow, shine...

Ring, Flourish, Blaze! was commissioned by Dr. Bernard Dobroski, Dean of the School of Music, for the sesquicentennial of Northwestern University. The work has a duration of about 100 seconds and contains about 1500 notes!

— Augusta Read Thomas


Ring Flourish Blaze a Fanfare for Piccolos & Brass

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