• eleven str (
  • str
  • 12 min

Programme Note

Composer’s Note:

I. Ceremonial
II. Lullaby
III. Ritual
IV. Incantation

Dedicated to International Sejong Soloists, and commissioned for them by Young Ho Kim, president of Ilshin Spinning Co., Ltd.

Murmurs in the Mist of Memory is a 4-movement work that was composed in 2001. The piece possesses a wide spectrum of nuance, at times lyrical, abstract, passionate, subtle, vivid, aggressive, colorful, floating, rhythmic, elegant, clean, or light.

Each movement features a different attribute of the Soloists' phenomenal technique — individual and collective — left hand as well as bow arm. The aim was to capture, concisely, a specific "universe" or "mood" in each movement in the short space of 3 or 4 minutes, such that the musicians would escort the listener through a mini suite of diverse expeditions into remembrances.

Each of the movements is inspired by a short poem of Emily Dickinson. Each poem reveals impressions to do with light.

— Augusta Read Thomas