• Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Morton Gould
  • The Seasons (12 Movements)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)

arr. by Morton Gould

  • 1121/4220/perc/hp/str
  • Piano
  • 34 min

Programme Note

Movements and Instrumentations
January: By the Hearth
Piano; string orchestra

February: Carnival
Piano; 1121/4220/perc/hp/str

March: Song of the Lark
1121/2000/hp/str (10330)

April: Snow-Bell
string orchestra (no bass)

May: Starlit Night
1121/2000/hp/str (10330)

June: Barcarolle

July: Song of the Reaper
1121/2000/hp/str (10330)

August: Harvest Song
Piano; string orchestra

September: Hunter's Song

October: Autumn Song
Piano; 1121/2000/hp/str (10330)

November: Troika (Sleigh Ride)

December: Christmas
Piano; string orchestra