• Edmond Rickett scoring: 1110/2110/perc/pf/2vn.va.vc.db
  • SATB chorus
  • 2 Basses, 2 Baritones, Tenor, 2 Contraltos, 2 Sopranos
  • Libretto by William S. Gilbert.
  • English

Programme Note

The town is celebrating the betrothal of Alexis, son of Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, to Aline, daughter of Arabella, Lady Sangazure. The parents are in love with each other but are unable to declare themselves openly. Alexis buys a potion from Mr Wells that is guaranteed to make the person taking it fall in love with the first one he or she sees. Most of the village drinks the potion, including Lady Sangazure, who promptly falls in love with Dr Daly, much to Alexis’ chagrin. The only way to break the spell, Alexis discovers, is for him or Wells to sacrifice his life. The populace votes that Mr Wells leave and at his departure the love spell is broken.