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  • 2222/4231/timp.perc/str
  • 21 min

Programme Note

Composer Note:

The characters in this ballet are the cards in a game of poker, disputed between several players on the green baize table of a gaming house. At each deal the situation is complicated by the endless guiles of the perfidious Joker, who believes himself invincible because of his ability to become any desired card.

During the first deal, one of the players is beaten, but the other two remain with even "straights,” although one of them holds the Joker.

In the second deal, the hand which holds the Joker is victorious, thanks to four Aces who easily beat four Queens.

Now comes the third deal. The action grows more and more acute. This time it is a struggle between three "Flushes.” Although at first victorious over one adversary, the Joker, strutting at the head of a sequence of Spades, is beaten by a "Royal Flush” in Hearts. This puts an end to his malice and knavery.

—Igor Stravinsky