• Dmitri Shostakovich
  • The Tale Of The Priest And His Worker Balda, Opera (1935)

  • G Schirmer Inc (USA, Canada and Mexico only)
    Le Chant Du Monde (France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries)

G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries.
Sofia Khentova

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  • SATB chorus
  • 3 Basses, Mezzo Soprano, 2 Sopranos, 2 Tenors
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • Libretto by Sofia Khentova after the Pushkin tale.
  • Russian

Programme Note

Created from Shostakovich’s sketches and instrumental parts for the soundtrack of a lost animated film of the same name, the opera follows the amusing Pushkin story about a stingy priest and his wise servant.
Overture (Allegro non troppo)

Act I
Scene 1 ‘The Bazaar’
1. Description of the Bazaar (Allegro – Presto)
2. Balda’s Entry (Allegro moderato)
3. Dance of the Bear (Moderato)
4. Merry-go-round (Allegretto)
5. The Meeting of the Priest and Balda (Moderato)
6. Dialogue of the Priest and Balda (Allegretto)
7. Finale. Closing of the Bazaar (Allegretto) Interlude
8. The Devils’ Procession (Moderato)
9. The Bell-Ringer and Devils’ Dance (Moderato – Allegro molto – Presto – Moderato)
Scene 2 ‘The Village and the Priest’s Household’
10. Description of the Village (Presto)
11. Balda and the Priest’s Son at Dinner (Allegro moderato)
12. Balda’s Work (Allegro)
13. Balda’s Ditty (Andante)
14. Dance of the Priest’s Son (Allegro)
15. Lullabye of Balda and the Priest’s Daughter (Andante) Evening party of the Peasants (Three songs)
16. ‘What a Song’ (Moderato)
17. ‘Fir-grove, my fir-grove’ (Allegro)
18. ‘The Splinter’ (Largo)
19. The Priest’s Daughter’s Dream (Andante)
20. The Priest’s Daughter’s Romance (Andante)
21. The Priest’s Lament (Andante)
22. The Metropolitan (Presto)
23. Balda’s Farewell (Andante – Presto)
Act II
Scene 3 ‘At the Devils’
24. Introduction (Allegro non troppo)
25. Dialogue of the Old Devil and Balda (Allegretto)
26. First Dialogue of the Little Devil and Balda (Allegro – Moderato – Presto)
27. Second Dialogue of the Little Devil and Balda (Allegretto – Allegro non troppo – Adagio)
28. Balda’s Galop (Presto)
29. The Rent (Allegretto – Moderato mesto – Meno mosso)
30. Balda’s Return (Allegro molto)
31. Balda’s Welcome (Allegro moderato)
32. Looking for the Priest (Allegretto)
33. Three Flicks (Allegretto – Allegretto – Adagio)
34. Final Chorus (Allegro)