• Dmitri Shostakovich
  • The Story of the Silly Baby Mouse, Music to the Cartoon, Op. 56 (1939)

  • G Schirmer Inc (USA, Canada and Mexico only)
    Le Chant Du Monde (France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries)

G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries.

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  • 16 min
    • 24th February 2021, Auditorium Rainier III, Monte Carlo, Monaco
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Programme Note

Score to the animated children's cartoon by Mikhail Tsekhanovsky after the story by Samuil Marshak.

Cast List:
   MRS. MOUSE: High soprano
   MRS.CAT: Soprano
   DUCK: Mezzo-soprano
   THE HORSE: Tenor
   MRS. PIG: Baritone [contralto]
   THE TOAD: Bass
   BABY MOUSE: Speaking part
   PIKE: Mute part

The silly little mouse won’t go to sleep to the strains of a lullaby, so its mother seeks help from her neighbors, the duck, the pig, the toad, the horse and the pike. No one can help. Eventually the cat succeeds in singing the silly little mouse to sleep. The next morning, however, the cat is discovered to have abducted the little mouse. Led by the dog, the other animals manage to rescue the little mouse from the cat just as she is about to eat it.