• Bright Sheng
  • The Stream Flows (for viola) (1988)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • va
  • 4 min

Programme Note

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Composer note:
The Stream Flows, which is dedicated to my teacher Hugo Weisgall, is in two parts. The first part is based on a famous folk song from the southern part of China. The freshness and richness of the tune deeply touched me when I first heard it. Since then I have used it as basic material in several of my works. Here I hope that the tone quality of a female folk singer is evoked by the timbre of the solo violin. The second part is a fast country dance based on a three-note motive.

— Bright Sheng

The Stream Flows
The rising moon shines brightly,
It reminds me of my love in the mountains.
Like the moon, you walk in the sky,
as the crystal stream flows down the mountain.

A clear breeze blows up the hill.
My love, do you hear I am calling you.

The Stream Flows was commissioned by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts for Nai-Yuan Hu, who gave the premiere performance on October 20, 1990 at Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.



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