• Alfred Schnittke
  • Life with an Idiot (1992)

  • G Schirmer Inc (USA, Canada and Mexico only)

Available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only

  • 1111/1111/timp.2[+]perc/hpd.cel.pf(1 player)/str; additional winds in Act II: 1111/1111
  • Libretto by Viktor Erofeyev.
  • Russian

Programme Note

The opera tells the story of The Wife and ‘I’, though the events do not necessarily take place in chronological order. In Soviet Russia, The Wife and ‘I’ decide to invite Vova, an idiot from the lunatic asylum to come and live with them. At first Vova’s behaviour is violent and disgusting. However when he copulates with The Wife, he becomes calmer and ‘I’ is sent off to live in another room on his own. When The Wife becomes pregnant, she aborts the child. Vova is enraged and moves to the room where ‘I’ lives, leaving The Wife to fend for herself. When The Wife comes to reclaim Vova, he decapitates her with a pair of kitchen scissors, to the disturbing excitement of ‘I’.

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