• 1010/0000/perc/acn.pf/vn.vc
  • Tenor
  • 25 min
  • Theater piece in one act. Libretto by the composer from 1913-14 news clippings. Spanish translation
  • English, Spanish

Programme Note

The three short scenes played without pause are based on actual news clippings of the tango craze which swept Europe and the United States in the years 1913-14. The news stories reflect world-wide reaction to the tango, both favorable and unfavorable. Regardless of any attempts to discredit this dance form, the tango spirit triumphs.


Tango: News Clippings
Tango: Cardinal's Letter
Tango: News Clippings
Tango: I. News clippings (in Spanish)
Tango: II. Letters and sermons (in Spanish)
Tango: III. News clippings (in Spanish)




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