• 2(pic)22(bcl)2/4321/timp.3perc/hp/str
  • trombone
  • 14 min

Programme Note

Arrows of Time is a three-movement work for trombone and piano (also for full orchestra) written in 1993 and 1994. Having once played trombone in high school and college bands, it has always been a favorite instrument of mine. In writing this piece, however, which is often virtuosic in its demands on the player, I needed far more than my own amateurish knowledge of the instrument. For advice I contacted two of the greatest players in the field, Joe Alessi and Jim Pugh. Both were most helpful, especially Joe who has really brought the piece into being by giving it its first performances. Alessi, I found, was the ideal player for this work in that he can seamlessly combine both a classical and jazz technique in his playing. One of my main influences has been Bill Russo's trombone writing for the Stan Kenton Orchestra spearheaded by Frank Rosolino's spectacular solos.

As for the title, Arrows of Time, the term appears in Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" which I had been reading while writing the piece. Little more can be said in explanation except that I liked it as a title.

--Richard Peaslee