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  • Baritone, Mezzo Soprano, 2 Sopranos, Tenor; Bass Baritone
  • 35 min
  • Libretto by the composer after the Grimm fairy tale.
  • English

Programme Note

Cast List:
   THE PRINCESS: Soprano
   THE QUEEN: Soprano
   THE WAITING WOMAN: Mezzo-Soprano
   FALADA, the horse: Baritone
   CONRAD: Tenor
   THE PRINCE: Baritone
   THE KING: Bass-Baritone
A princess is promised to a prince whom she has never met. She sets out for the wedding, accompanied by her waiting woman, a talking horse and a magic linen which contains three wishes. The waiting woman grabs the linen and uses one of the wishes to make herself princess. She then kills the horse and places the real princess in a job as a goose girl. The horse, however, is magic and when the goose girl talks to him, the king overhears. He steals the linen from the false princess and restores it to the goose girl. She uses the remaining wishes to restore the horse to life and bring her mother to the wedding.