• Otto Nicolai
  • Die lustigen Weiber Von Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor) (1849)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
    • Libretto by S. H. Mosenthal after Shakespeare's comedy.
    • English

    Programme Note

    The plot of this comic opera is very similar to that of Shakespeare’s Falstaff. Frau Reich and Frau Fluch repeatedly thwart the attempts of the fat old Knight Sir John Falstaff to seduce them. Meanwhile, there’s fierce competition to win the hand of Page’s daughter Anne: she is in love with the charming Fenton, but her father intends to offer her to Slender, while Dr Caius is making a play for her as well. But the women outwit the men one moonlit night in Windsor Park: Falstaff is tormented by a range of nocturnal characters, while Dr Caius and Slender, dressed as elves, disappear together, each believing himself to be accompanied by Anne. And Anne and Fenton, now free from any meddlers, run off quickly to get married.