• Gian Carlo Menotti
  • The Medium (1946)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • 1111/1100/perc/pf 4 hands(cel)/str
  • Alto, Soprano, Soprano, Bar, Mezzo soprano, dancer
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • Libretto by the composer.
  • English, German, Italian, Russian

Programme Note

Cast List:

   MONICA, daughter of Madame Flora: Soprano
   TOBY, a mute
   MADAME FLORA (Baba): Contralto
   MRS. GOBINEAU: Soprano
   MR. GOBINEAU: Baritone
   MRS. NOLAN: Mezzo-Soprano


Madame Flora, with the help of her daughter Monica and Toby, a mute servant, tries to cheat her clients through faked seances. She is touched herself by a hand during one of them, an occurrence she cannot explain and which drives her to insanity and murder.


The Medium, Act I: Introduction
The Medium, Act I: "the Sun has fallen" (Monica)
The Medium, Act II: Introduction
The Medium, Act II: "Bravo!" (Monica)
The Medium, Act II: Baba's entrance
The Medium, Act II: Toby's exit
The Medium, Act II: "Who's there?" (Babay)

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