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  • Boy S,3S, Mz, T, Bar, B
  • 1 hr 10 min
  • Libretto by Hilary Blecher, additional lyrics by Jim Friedland. Based on the story by James Thurber
  • English

Programme Note

This is an opera based on a classic children's story that is resonant with the myths, dreams and aspirations of childhood. It celebrates an understanding and acceptance of the process and renewal of the life cycle and the intuitive wisdom of children's insights over dry academic theories and learning. This opera combines rigorous standards of artistic excellence with an energetic and vital form to create a vehicle accessible and appealing to both children and adults.

Cast List:

   Princess Leonore: Young girl, 11-12 years old
   Young Boy: 11-12 years old
   Jester: Mezzo Soprano
   The King: Baritone
   Doctor / Gardener / Assistant Goldsmith: Soprano
   Lord High Chamberlain / Goldsmith: Bass
   Royal Wizard: Tenor
   Royal Mathematician: Soprano
   Chorus of Courtiers: Sung and played by all the singers except for the King, the Jester and Princess Leonore.


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