• Giya Kancheli
  • Trauerfarbenes Land (1994)

  • Hans Sikorski Russian Works (USA, Canada and Mexico only)

Available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only

  • 4(2pic:afl)22+bcl.2+cbn/4441/4perc.bgtr.hp.pf/str
  • 37 min

Programme Note

Composer note:

Does anyone know the color of sadness? Neither do I know it. And at the same time the events which have occurred around us have for each person has their own color. When I lived and worked in Germany, my feelings adjusted themselves completely involuntary to become a "country colored with sadness.” And naturally I wished that my listeners would not remain untouched by my sadness and my pain. Every one of us has, after all, a "country colored with sadness.” Is there actually a "country colored with joy?” I do not know.

--Giya Kancheli


Trauerfarbenes Land


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