• Morton Gould
  • The Jogger and the Dinosaur (1992)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • 2(pic)121/2221/2perc/str/opt dancers, mimes, puppeteers
  • Narrator(rapper)
  • 22 min
  • the composer
  • English

Programme Note

Performance Suggestions:
The optimum performance of this work would be a staged or videoed one, using visual combinations of dancing, mime, puppets, graphics, lighting, projection, to be decided by a director/choreographer. It is preferable that the narrator be a "rapper" who can conform to and project the stylized rhythmic inflections and nuances of that idiom. However, the work is also structured and segmented for shorter and condensed versions, with minimal staging, or as a concert piece with a more "traditional" narrator, but one who can simulate the rhythmic "rap" flavor.

The work is a flexible "musical module" in seven scenes or segments which are adjustable, or expendable, according to circumstances, facilities, capabilities, and budgets. The separate instrumental pieces, without narration, may be played singly or as a group or suite.
Staging Suggestions:
  • Very simple, and not overally ornate.
  • Dancer/dancers costumed as Dinosaurs (only headpieces, perhaps). One figure
    miming or "dancing" the narrator (rapper) as Jogger.
  • The Dinosaurs voice (Dino's) can be a second narrator (also a "rapper")
    offstage, amplified.
  • If the one narrator rapper quotes Dino's words, (the way it is written) amplify with
    "echo chamber" resonance.
  • For the Dinosaurian Dance finale, engage the young audience in clapping and
    dancing in the aisles.
  • Percussion with "hardware" should be visible -- up front, or elevated.
  • Dino is pronounced Dy-no (abb. of Dinosaurus)

Excerpted Instrumentals:

1'00 Dinosaurian Fanfare (Br, Perc) 1'20 Dino's First Dance
1'30 Evening Song 3'00 Dinorock
1'30 Jog Pizz. (Str, Perc) 2'00 Dino's Charleston
1'20 Dino's First Dance 1'45 Farewell Dance
3'00 Dinorock 2'50 Dinodance
2'00 Dino's Charleston Total time: 11'00
1'45 Farewell Dance
2'50 Dinodance (Finale)
Total time: 16.00

An unlikely meeting between a jogger and a dinosaur prompts dancing and other antics all to the strains of a contemporary rap narration and Gould’s masterful orchestration.