• Michael Blake Watkins
  • Solus

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Carlos Bonell with funds from the Arts Council

  • guitar

Programme Note

Michael Blake Watkins: Solus

After playing my Double Concerto earlier this year, Carlos Bonell asked me to write a solo piece. The result is Solus; a three movement work – the second and third movements being played without a break. The opening of the first movement marked Con Fuoco is characterised by violent chords and an impassioned theme played high up on the lower strings. A lively and rhythmic section marked Con Moto follows which in turn leads to the movement’s vigorous conclusion. The opening, more lyrical, theme of the second movement, cast in a strong arch form, rises slowly to its climax and then winds its way downward to a mere whisper. The guitar then leaps into a lively section marked Agitato leading to a passionate central cadenza before returning to the opening theme and ending gently with a quiet tone cluster. The third movement opens mysteriously with strangely blurred harmonies but with growing intensity it erupts into a lively Vivace. After a final show of virtuosity a short coda re-enacts the opening mood bringing the work to its distant conclusion.

© Michael Blake Watkins