• Robert Walker
  • Five Capriccios Set 2 (1985)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • piano

Programme Note

Robert Walker: Five Capriccios Set II

These Five Capriccios continue the ideas explored in their companions in Set One. My aim - as the title makes clear - is to delight rather than edify or instruct. They continue the pattern started in Set One of exploring the perfect fifth (the first notes of Baa Baa Black Sheep); that pair of notes which Carl Nielsen described as 'the supreme happiness'. Indeed, each Capriccio (like Set One) has a tonal centre a fifth below its predecessor.

Only Number One of this set has a subtitle. It demonstrates perhaps my antipathy towards the current craze for giving pieces expressionist titles (usually the seventeenth line of an obscure poem by an equally obscure Brazilian poet). My 'anti-title' is The Fruit Machine at the Red Lion. It is even more anti-expressionist: money quite obviously and unashamedly pours out of the machine at the end; quite contrary to one's usual experience.

© Robert Walker 1985