• Daniel Catán
  • Salsipuedes, A Tale of Love, War and Anchovies (2004)

  • Associated Music Publishers Inc (World)
  • 3(pic).2.5(bcl).2/3.4Ctpt.2+btbn.1/timp.perc/pf.hp/4vc.4db; onstage 4perc
  • SAT Chorus (24 voices total)
  • 3S, Mz, 4T, Bar, B-bar, B, Spkr
  • libretto by Eliseo Alberto and Francisco Hinojosa; English trans: Shane Gasbarra and Daniel Catán
  • German, Spanish

Programme Note

Composer note:

My new opera uses the rhythms [of] the Caribbean. The Caribbean, it's worth recalling, was the great melting pot of three fantastic music cultures. On the one hand there was the European culture brought by so many immigrants from the Continent; there was the very rich legacy from the Middle East brought by the Spanish in particular; and finally, there was the African stream. These elements combined to produce a remarkable result that has barely been explored. I consider the comic opera a very delicate genre. A comedy in this century cannot be the same as it was in the 17th or 18th century. For me, comedy is a very serious matter, because it has to joke about things that are otherwise difficult to discuss, and it must also reflect contemporary issues. You have to draw a smile from the listener and at the same time deliver a very serious message. That is what makes it so very challenging.

— Daniel Catán

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