• Carl Vine
  • Miniature III (1983)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • fl(afl,pic)/tbn[=vc]/perc/pf
  • 12 min

Programme Note

Miniature III was written as a show-piece for the Flederman contemporary music group for their 1983 tour of North America. Written in close collaboration with the performers (Geoffrey Collins, Simone de Haan, Graeme Leak and with myself on piano) it exploits the particular skills of those performers and the growing sense of ensemble unity that we were developing at the time. A good deal of the work is concerned with creating complex rhythmic interplay that approaches the limit of ensemble co-ordination while still being "perceptible" to the individual players.

The work is in three linked sections, each exploring a different rhythmic principle. In the first, continuous fast notes are re-grouped to create varying pulses. The second is written in a constant meter with finger cymbals accentuating unexpected divisions of the beat so the meter seems to be in constant flux. The final section uses a constant rhythmic pattern that is interpreted in different ways through to the end of the piece. The sections are joined by "bridge" passages that progressively alter the prevalent tempo and harmonic field.